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In early 2013 Google made available the Google Glass wearable optical head-mounted display to selected developers. In 2014 it was made available to the public only for a short period before it was shelved again less than a year later. The Google Glass is a sophisticated piece of equipment but for many people, its most interesting feature is its integrated POV camera. If you are tired of waiting for Google to come up with a new update to Google Glass, the 7 Theia Pro Eyeglasses Camera is a good alternative to tide you over till then.

The 7 Theia Pro is not head-mounted display system like Google Glass. It is a high definition point of view (POV) camera that can be mounted on a pair of eyeglasses. Prior to this, if you want to shoot hands-free POV video, your best bet is an action camera mounted on a helmet, goggles or something similar.

This works great if you are careening down a hillslope on your snowboard or scuba diving at the Yongala in Australia. However, if you are planning to shoot hands free home videos of your baby’s first steps or a graduation ceremony, strapping on a helmet mounted action camera might not be such a good idea.

Like Google Glass, the 7 Theia Pro is small and generally inconspicuous. The design is bulkier than Google’s but it has the added feature of being able to remove it from the glasses frame and use it as a standalone camera. To start shooting video, all you have to do is tap on the side of the eyeglasses. It can shoot 1080p Full HD video and video is stored in the 32 GB memory storage.

The 7 Theia Pro has built-in WiFi. By connecting it with your Android or iOS smartphone, you will be able to use your phone as a viewfinder plus adjust the settings on the camera.
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