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We love gadgets and especially multitools that fit in our wallet. We always have our wallets with us when we leave home. Hence the wallet is a great place to store a multitool. The Credit Card Folding Knife Multitool is a little bulkier compared to other credit card sized tools. But it is also one of the sturdiest multitool we have seen.

Most credit card sized tools are only slightly thicker than an actual credit card. Most don’t have a functioning knife either except for a couple like the CardSharp2 and WildCard. The Credit Card Folding Knife Multitool on the other hand is a knife first and foremost. The other tools are pretty much secondary compared to the knife.

The blade is a folding 2.5″ stainless steel blade. Though not that long, this is a proper blade that is fully functional as a knife. The other tools on this multitool are a set of philips and flathead screwdrivers, a carabiner and a bottle opener.

The fastener on the carabiner adds quite a bit of bulk to the card’s thickness. If you prefer not carrying the tool in your wallet, you can always attach it to a belt or bag strap.

The Credit Card Folding Knife Multitool does not have many functions. However, if carrying a proper functioning knife in your wallet is your priority, this is the tool for you.
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