Don’t ask me why the Miniature Cow Tabletop Vacuum is shaped like a sleeping cow but it sure looks really adorable. Who can resist a snoozing cow? It even makes an interesting conversation piece when left on the table.

However, the Miniature Cow Tabletop Vacuum’s main function is to suck up all the crumbs and dust on a table or desk top. The cow’s snout can even reach into to the hard to reach places. The crumbs and dust gets stored in a dust tray that you can empty out easily.

The Miniature Cow Tabletop Vacuum is so cute, everyone especially the kids will want to volunteer to do the cleaning up.

It runs on two AA batteries (included).

If cows are not your thing, the tabletop vacuum is available in a plethora of other animal forms including a pig, an elephant, a dog, a cat, a sheep and even a duck.


Where to Buy Miniature Cow Tabletop Vacuum


Miniature Cow Tabletop Vacuum

Make crumbs and tiny dust balls disappear with our Animal Mini Tabletop Vacuums. These powerful tabletop vacuums operate on two AA batteries. The easy to use one touch operation makes this mini vacuum useful and convenient.

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