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When Bose comes out with a new product, everyone sits up and pays attention. After all, Bose made themselves a name for coming up with great quality, highly desirable audio products. Some may say that Bose products are overpriced but others also say that only adds to their appeal. The Bose Frames Sunglasses are Bluetooth enabled sunglasses with built-in speakers. They are designed replace your earphones or headphones.

For a company’s first foray into designer eyewear, the Bose Frames actually look pretty good. There are 2 designs available – Alto and Rondo – the latter are smaller sized and targeted at the ladies. The Alto have a more masculine and angular design.

From the front, the sunglasses don’t look all that much different from a normal pair of shades. The speakers and electronics are embedded into the arm pieces (or temples) that hook over the ears. From the side, the temples are much wider than normal eyeglasses.

The Bose Frames have actual speakers on the sunglasses. Bose did not use bone conduction technology like some other similar products. Although actual speakers are used, there is very little sound leakage. Hence you don’t have to worry about others hearing what you are listening to.

Being a Bose product, the sound quality is great although the bass is a bit lacking. If you are into music with lots of bass, this may not be the right product for you. As for other kinds of music and for phone calls, the audio works well.

There is only a single multi-function button on the Bose Frames. With it, you can skip tracks, activate Siri and toggle the power on and off. There is also an app that comes with the glasses. The app is used for pairing the glasses with your phone. It is also required for the Bose AR feature. Bose AR is like AR but in audio form. Unfortunately, we did not get the chance to try it out.

As with many Bose products, the big question is always, “Is it worth the money?” We have to say that the Bose Frames are not for everyone. It depends on the type of music you listen to and whether if you have a need to keep your ears free. The audio quality will never rival those of actual earphones. But if you want to listen to your tunes on the go without obstructing your ear canals, these may be the sunglasses you are looking for.
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