The Flexible LED Flash Light


Here is an interesting idea. Throw out everything you know about how a flash light looks and redesign it with a much more flexibility in mind. Although we moved from incandescent bulbs to LEDs, the design of the flash light still remained the same. We may now have brighter, smaller and longer lasting flash lights but they way we use a flash light remains the same. A re-think of the flash light design is long overdue. The Striker Hand Tools FLEXiT Light designers seem to have the same thinking.

The Striker Hand Tools FLEXiT Light looks nothing like a flash light. It has 16 LEDs mounted on a flexible silicone sheet that you can flex and bend to focus or redirect the light anywhere you want to. The light can be adjusted to focus on a small area or spread out over a larger area for general illumination. It is connected to a battery compartment by a flexible strip. For added functionality, the battery compartment has a couple of powerful neodymium magnets that can be used to mount the FLEXiT on metal surfaces.

The Striker Hand Tools FLEXiT Light runs on 3AA batteries.


Where to Buy Striker Hand Tools FLEXiT Light


Striker Hand Tools FLEXiT Light

Imagine having a light you could bend like a sheet of paper to focus or spread light all around. A light that would be able to wrap around tubes, bend into tight corners, and magnetically fasten securely to metal objects.

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