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Modern smartphones are getting larger and they come with higher capacity batteries. However, they also get more power hungry as more powerful CPUs plus larger and higher resolution displays require more power. As a result, most phone users are lucky to get a full day use out of their phones. Once awhile, we find ourselves in a situation where the battery runs out before the end of the day. At times like these, an ultra-slim credit card-sized power bank like the Clutch Charger is godsent.

The Clutch Charger lays claim to be the World’s Thinnest Portable Charger. Though we have seen quite a few slim chargers, we have yet to see one as thin as this. It’s the size of a credit card and just 0.15 inch thin which is about 4 credit cards stacked together. You can easily slip one of these into your wallet or purse or just drop it into your pocket.

Clutch Charger

What makes it even more amazing is that the Clutch Charger comes with a built in Apple Lightning cable. You don’t have to bring one with you. When you are in need of a quick charge, just pull out the cable and plug it into your iPhone. Unfortunately there is no USB-C or micro-USB version available right now.

Being so thin and small, there are compromises to be expected. The battery is only 2300 mAh. This is quite small and won’t be enough to fully charge your iPhone. Depending on your model, it may charge up between 50 – 75%. If you caught in an emergency situation, this should be sufficient to get you through the day.

The other nitpick we have with the Clutch Charger is that you have to recharge it using a micro-USB cable. Since this product is targeted at Apple iPhone users, this means carrying an extra cable around with you if you wish to recharge the power bank.
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