There was a time before iOS and Android devices ruled the Earth. This was the time when smartphones belonged in the realm of techies and geeks. When the smartphone OS battlefield was fought between Microsoft and Palm. Back then, there was a lot more variety as to how smartphones looked like and there was a whole lot more hardware options too. There was even a whole battle raging between the hardware and software keyboard supporters. And within the physical keyboard lovers, there were arguments over landscape and portrait keyboards, sliders and non-sliders, and there are those are can’t go without their clampshell keyboards. Those were glorious times.

Physical keyboards have all but died. Even Blackberry has thrown in the towel and gone with soft keyboards. However, if you are longing for the return of the slider keyboard, the iMounTek Bluetooth Sliding Keyboard Buddy Case for the iPhone5 might interest you. It is a rubberized case that adds a built-in sliding landscape style keyboard. It is connected to the iPhone via Bluetooth and it has its own built-in rechargeable battery. Fully charged, the battery can last up to 2 weeks.

The iMounTek Bluetooth Sliding Keyboard Buddy Case also has a feature that many slider keyboard phones was missing – illuminated backlit keys.



Where to Buy iMounTek Bluetooth Sliding Keyboard Buddy Case


iMounTek Bluetooth Sliding Keyboard Buddy Case

Designed to be the perfect compliment to the Apple iPhone 5, the Keyboard Buddy Case’s easy slide in and out keyboard is smooth and natural.

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