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Most of the time, emergency water storage doesn’t seem important. We are so used to having safe and clean water coming out of our household water pipes. That is until an unexpected catastrophe strikes. Storing water takes a low priority because water is cheap but it also takes up a lot of storage space. Large tanks of water are heavy and almost impossible to move around. That is why a better water storage solution like the Waterbrick is sorely needed.

The Waterbrick takes what looks like a complex problem and turns it into a simple solution. Each container holds 3.5 gallons (13.2 liters) of water. In terms of weight, that equals about 29 pounds (13.2 kg). Most adults should be able to carry the container easily. Compare that to a filled standard 55-gallon barrel that most people normally use for water storage.

However, what makes the Waterbrick special is that when stacked up, they interlock with other bricks like Lego blocks. You can lay them flat or stand them up or line them in a row to create a sturdy barrier or wall.

By stacking them up in a pile, you have a massive water storage that is the equivalent of a really huge tank. But because of its modular form, you can customize the space required to fit your storage area. You can also choose to evenly distribute the weight if the storage area is on an elevated platform and cannot support too much concentrated weight.

The Waterbrick versatility doesn’t just stop with how you can stack them. You can use them for storing all kinds of stuff, not just water. For preppers, it can be used to store dry foods like wheat, cereal, rice or wheat. The containers are airtight. That also makes them ideal for storing important paper documents or even emergency cash.

Creative parents can build castles and forts for children to play in. The Waterbricks don’t just have to lie useless in a corner. No small kids? Big kids can make walls for paintball matches. Other innovative uses include turning them into furniture. Make two short stacks and place a wooden worktop over it to create a custom desk. A lower version makes a custom bench.
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