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Disposable grills are quite a great idea actually. Not all of us use a grill often enough to justify buying a grill that takes up precious storage space while gathering dust when not in use. And the best thing about disposable grills? No washing or cleaning required after you are done. Just throw the whole thing away.  Except, that can be an issue for the environment. If that weighs heavily on your mind, a better idea is the CasusGrill. Believe it or not, this biodegradable grill is made entirely out of cardboard, bamboo, charcoal and lava rock.

The CasusGrill works just like any disposable grill. It is light, compact, portable, comes with the charcoal already included and ready to be used in just minutes. Of course, it doesn’t look like any disposable grill we have ever seen because of its construction materials. Our minds still can’t comprehend the idea of a grill made from cardboard and bamboo.

However, a closer look at the CasusGrill shows how this is all possible. Firstly, the grill is mainly made from a lava rock container that holds all the charcoal and is encased inside a cardboard box. The lava rock insulates the cardboard box from burning charcoal.

The grate is made from bamboo sticks mounted on two pieces of cardboard. Again, while the bamboo grate may look flimsy, bamboo is actually quite strong and can withstand very high temperatures. Many Asian cuisines use bamboo skewers for barbecuing meat over open flames.

The CasusGrill uses not ordinary charcoal but Quick Oxylite bamboo charcoal. These charcoal have starter built into them so you do not need to use lighter fluid which sometimes makes food smell and taste funny. More importantly, the bamboo charcoal burns longer and hotter than ordinary charcoal therefore you require only about half. The burning charcoal emits minimal smoke and 50% less CO2 compared to other single use grills.

The charcoal takes just 5 minutes to heat up. Once lighted up, they continue to stay hot for about 1 hour. Just throw on your hot dogs, steaks, fish and vegetables and you are ready to have a BBQ feast in no time. Considering the size of the grill and the 1 hour time limit, you should have enough space and time to cook for 4 people.

When you are done with the grill, the easiest way to get rid of it is to just dump it in your campfire. It is interesting to note that the sides of the grill are not hot at all. You can hold the cardboard sides easily as the insulation from the lava rocks is that good. Other ways to dispose of it is to throw it in the trash or bury it while knowing very well that it will naturally decompose.

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