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Camping gear has always been juggling between practicality and portability. Backpackers are always deciding on their needs for a particular piece of equipment versus the extra weight they have to lug around and the space it takes up. A stove is a nice to have camping equipment as it beats having to build a fire to cook. However, camping stoves not only takes up space but requires fuel canisters as well. The nCamp Stove on the other hand is highly compact stove that uses wood as fuel.

Designed by an industrial engineer, the nCamp Stove solves many problems related to food preparation while camping. Its biggest advantage is the fact that it is a wood burning stove. That means all that you need is fuel or combustibles that you can easily find in a forest like dry sticks and twigs. Using a wood burning stove not only means you don’t have to bring fuel cans with you, you also save money and not using canned fuel is good for the environment.

Of course the nCamp Stove is not the first wood burning camping stove. However, the standard wood burning stove usually takes up a lot of space because of the combustion chamber. The nCamp Stove solves this problem by having a collapsible chamber that looks like a collapsible camping cup. When collapsed, the nCamp Stove measures 9″ by 6.5″ and just 1.5″ tall. It fits into an included pull string storage bag.

Designing camping equipment is also a fine balance between weight and durability. The nCamp Stove weighs a feather-weight 15 ounces. You can balance it on your finger. It actually feels much more fragile than it actually is. The stove is made from stainless steel and aluminum and quite durable.

The other thing that you might worry about is how efficient a wood burning stove is. It might surprise you but the nCamp Stove is actually quite efficient. How efficient? After filling up the combustion chamber and lighting it up, you should be able to boil a cup of water within 3 minutes.

Believe us, there is nothing more satisfying that boiling your own cup of coffee and cooking your own meal using pieces of wood you picked off the forest ground.
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