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The Chiller – Versatile Iceless Beverage Cooler

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Lugging around an ice filled cooler is often an unavoidable task. It is one of the things that we do for an ice cool beer in the hot outdoors. Well, not anymore. The Chiller is an iceless beverage cooler that uses freeze gel to get your drinks cold.

The Chiller makes it much easier to have your beverage stay cool outdoors up to an entire day. It is almost like having your own compact refrigerator with you at all times. Its versatile design allows you to carry three 12oz bottles or cans or a single 750 to 1000ml bottle. To carry the larger bottle, just flip the cooler sideways and use the side opening.

To use the cooler, just freeze it for 6 hours or longer (overnight is best). It takes as little as 30 minutes to chill room temperature drinks. Chug your cooled drinks and place in the next set of drinks. Cooling an entire 12-pack is not a problem with The Chiller. Breastfeeding mothers also find the cooler a great way to keep breast milk chilled during the day while at work.

On its own, the cooler can keep drinks cool for up to 6 hours. Paired with the optional Chiller’s Pack or Chiller’s Tote, this can be extended to up to 24 hours.

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The Chiller is a highly versatile, ultraportable beverage cooling system with freezing gel within its walls. Have cold drinks conveniently ready all day.

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