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Longboarding is one of the best and most fun way for travelling short distances. However, lugging around a bulky longboard is probably one of the biggest cons of this mode of transportation. But what if the longboard can be folded in half for easy carry? That is the idea behind the BoardUp Skateboard.

Longboards are great because they are comfortable and easy to push plus they offer greater stability when going downhill. However their size also makes them quite a hassle to carry around and to store. And have you tried squeezing one into a locker?

Folding a longboard seems like a easy solution so why hasn’t this been done until now? The answer is likely due to the fact that designing and creating a hinge that can withstand the rigors of a skateboard ride is quite a challenging task. Also, how do you ensure that the board stays locked during riding and yet easily folds when needed?

The answer lies in a patented self locking hinge made from high strength aerospace grade aluminum alloy. The mechanism even allows you to fold the skateboard hands free. However, do note that the BoardUp Skateboard does bend slightly upwards at the hinge when riding. But, it does not hinder the ride in any way.

The BoardUp is reasonably priced considering the quality of the board, the parts used and the folding technology. However, nothing beats having the benefits of a big longboard and the benefits of a penny board.
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