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The original Seaview 180° snorkel totally revolutionized the snorkeling experience when it first came out. It was the first full face snorkeling mask that allowed the user to breathe freely through both the mouth and nose. It also introduced unparallel viewing angle with its wider than usual field of vision. All this and much more made the snorkel the best selling snorkel mask on Amazon. Wildhorn, the designer of the original Seaview 180° is now back with the Seaview 180° SV2. It is an update to the original design that aims to set and even higher standard in providing the best snorkeling experience.

Wildhorn has not been resting on its laurels since coming up with one of the best selling snorkels in the world. Instead, the designers at Wildhorn have gone through the thousands of customer feedback in order to improve their original design. The new Seaview 180° SV2 still retains the original design’s most defining features which are ease of breathing and wide field of vision but it now adds on several great new features.

One of the biggest flaws with breathing tubes on snorkels is that fresh air from the outside is mixed with the high carbon dioxide exhaled air that you breathe out. Therefore the air that you suck in is not as rich in oxygen as the air you normally breathe. Secondly, the air valve that prevents water from entering the breathing tube adds breathing resistance. Both these problems causes discomfort to the user.

The Seaview 180° SV2 solves both these problems by introducing the patent pending Flowtech system. The system has separate air tubes for incoming fresh air and expelling exhaled air. The system also makes use of 4 intake valves to allow air to circulate in and out freely. This results in minimal resistance in the airflow and more fresh air circulating through the mask. The makes breathing feels more natural and it also has the benefit side effect of less fogging on the mask.

The other improvement to the Seaview 180° SV2 that we really like is more cosmetic in nature. The original design had the breathing tube located right at the top of the user’s forehead. This made the user look rather strange and most likely attracted a lot of attention. This is fine if you enjoy being at the center of attention but probably not something that everyone enjoys. The Seaview 180° SV2 relocates the breathing tube to the side of the head, more like other traditional snorkel masks.

Wildhorn is currently crowdsourcing the Seaview 180° SV2 on Kickstarter. When we last checked, the campaign has already raised more than seven times their original target of $20,000. There are still a limited number of early bird slots left for those who want to grab one at just $69 and with an estimated delivery of June 2018.
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