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The Halulite Minimalist from GSI Outdoors is the cookset of choice for the solo backpacker that who has preference for featherly light cooking utensils above everything else. This ultra compact cookware combines a cooking lid cum sipper lid, an insulated sleeve, a silicone gripper and a telescoping foon (fork plus spoon) that all fit into a 0.6 liter cooking pot cum drinking mug that is just 4 in in diameter and about 4 in tall.

The GSI Outdoors Halulite Minimalist is designed around  a 110 g fuel canister and an accompanying micro stove. These items are not included but they will fit into the cooking pot together with the rest of the items thus giving you a complete cooking solution with eating utensil included. You probably won’t be doing any fancy cooking with this cookset but it is more than adequate for boiling water, making a hot drink or for rehydrating meals.

The cooking pot itself is really light and it is made from Halulite, an aluminum alloy. It is not as light as titanium which some equipment use but aluminum is a whole lot more budget friendly plus it has pretty good heat conducting properties. The silicone gripper is a no-frills budget solution that allows you to grip and lift the pot off the stove and place it into the included insulated sleeve. The gripper also has a magnet that lets you magnetically attach it to the cannister so that you won’t easily lose it.

The lid serves dual functions. It fits tightly over the mug and acts as a sipper but it can also be turned the other way round to be used as a lid for cooking. Last but not least is the 2-in-1 foon which is a spoon that also serves as a fork. While its sliding telescoping design makes it really compact for storage, it is also made from plastic and looks rather flimsy. While it hasn’t broke yet, we suspect that this will be the first part to fail.

While the Halulite Minimalist is not designed for proper cooking, it is super compact and perfect for the backpacker who prefers to travel light. The cooking pot is small but we think it is just the right size to boil enough water for rehydrating a meal plus have enough left over for a hot drink.
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