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Smoking is a cooking method that involves cooking food by exposing it to smoke from smoldering material such as wood chips or pellets. Smoking imparts a smoky flavor to the food and it is also a way to preserve food. Smoking doesn’t require complicated equipment as all you need is an exclosure that traps the heat and the smoke while the food cooks. The Ziv’s Portable Smoker is just that, a simple enclosure made from metal that you can assemble in under 3 minutes. It comes in kit form in a portable briefcase that doesn’t take up that much space or weigh that much.

If you like smoked food, the Ziv’s Portable Smoker is a good add-on to your camping gear. It assembled in just minutes and requires no tools. When assembled, it looks something like an oversized black metal birdhouse. It even has a little round hole at the side like an actual birdhouse.

To use the Ziv’s Portable Smoker, all you need to do is place food on the built-in tray inside and throw in a handful of wood chips or pellets to the bottom of the smoker. You may want to soak the wood chips so that it gives out more smoke. You then place the entire smoker on top of a fire. This can either be an open fire, a BBQ grill or even just a small camping stove.

The “roof” of the smoker can be lifted off easily for easy access to whatever you wish to smoke. There is a thermometer on the cover that helps you gauge the heat inside the smoker. Although you don’t really need high temperatures for smoking, the temperature inside the smoker can go in excess of 300 ºF. The hole at the side that we mentioned earlier can be used to adjust both the temperature inside and also for adding more chips.

While the Ziv’s Portable Smoker can be used with just about any kind of meat or even vegetables, it is ideal for smoking fish. Fish is delicate and difficult to cook properly over a grill. It either falls apart as you cook, gets cook unevenly or burnt. With the Ziv’s Portable Smoker, you get perfectly cooked fish with that wonderful smoked flavor.

The Ziv’s Portable Smoker should be in every camper/hunter/fisherman/RV traveler’s cooking gear arsenal.
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