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The Lily Camera is like the ultimate selfie taking robotic pet. All you have to do is throw this drone-like gadget into the air and it will obediently fly and follow you like a loyal pet and film video or take photos of you in high resolution. There is no controller necessary for controlling the camera’s flightpath as it will automatically follow you.

It is the perfect companion for extreme sports enthusiasts as they don’t have to worry about getting that perfect shot. The Lily Camera flies by itself and its movements are controlled by a tracking device that can be kept in a pocket or worn on the wrist. We gotta admit, the sample videos on the Lily Camera website where you get to see the sportsperson in action looks tons better than the often headache inducing and shaky helmet mounted action camera videos.

The Lily Camera has a few more tricks up its sleeve. Firstly, it is waterproof so you don’t have to worry about it taking a dunk in the water while filming water sports. The camera shoots video at 1080p at a silky smooth 60 fps plus it also supports 720p at 120 fps to create slo-mo shots. Stills are captured at 12 MP and you can remotely control the camera using the tracking device. You can also frame your shots using a smart device and the included app for viewing what the camera is shooting.

Lily supports a few shooting modes plus you can set how closely and how high Lily flies while it tracks you. For example you can have the camera follow you or lead you or even circle around you in a loop mode.

If you are already pulling out your wallet, please take a breather as the Lily Camera will only ship in early 2016 although you can pre-order one now and save 40% off its retail price. Head on over to the Lily Camera website for more info.

Buy from Lily Camera Website