The term “just add water” has taken on a whole new meaning with the Trekmates Flameless Cook Box. Water is not used for hydrating food but for producing heat for cooking food and creating a hot meal without the use of a fire or other heating apparatus.

The Trekmates Flameless Cook Box works by using water activated heat packs. The heat packs goes into an outer container together with the water and the food goes into an inner container which is placed into the outer container. The water causes a chemical reaction that produces heat which cooks the food. Close the lid and wait for about 7 – 10 minutes and you get a nice home cooked meal just like mom made it. Okay, maybe not like mom made it, not unless mom used a flameless cook box for cooking as well. But it sure beats eating cold rations.

The Trekmates Flameless Cook Box produces no flame, smoke or carbon monoxide and is absolutely safe to use. In fact, you can even cook inside the tent if you want to. So when the weather turns against you, you can have a nice hot meal in your tent without ever stepping outside. All you have to do is “just add water”.



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Trekmates Flameless Cook Box

The Trekmates Flameless Cook Box uses no gas or petrol to create heat, making it far safer and simpler than other current cooking methods.

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