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Bear Grylls, survival expert and reality TV star has had a very successful partnership with survival tools manufacturer Gerber for quite some time now. Together, they have come up with a highly popular range of survival gear including the Bear Grylls Survival Belt which we are reviewing today.

The most important thing about survival gear is that you have it with you when you need it. The best survival gear in the world is totally useless if you don’t have it when you need it the most. The Bear Grylls Survival Belt is pretty good idea when it comes to survival gear because you are most likely to have your belt with you no matter what the situation is.

Now that you have your Bear Grylls Survival Belt with you, let us take a look at what it contains and what kind of survival situations it can get you out of. To be perfectly honest, the original contents of this survival belt is not all that great. The belt buckle has a waterproof glass-filled nylon compartment that you can access by twisting off the cap. Inside this compartment is a set of fishing gear consisting of fish hooks, 30 feet line and weights plus 20 inches of snare wire.

On the inside of the cap, there is a signalling mirror. Next, on the reverse side of the buckle, there is a slot that holds a tiny removable screwdriver with flat and Phillips head. If you don’t have your usual multi-tool with you, this is probably the next best thing. This screwdriver slides out easily so a better idea would probably be to insert it into the fishing gear compartment.


The belt itself is made from strong 2-inch heavy gauge nylon webbing. Not only will it hold up your pants reliably, you can use the belt to lash together materials like loose firewood or to secure a splint. On the inside surface of the belt, there is a hidden zippered compartment. It can be used to store other survival gear like matches or a lighter for fire. When not holding survival gear, it is also ideal for storing emergency cash when traveling. We guarantee that it will be safe from any would-be pickpocketer.

The whole idea of the Bear Grylls Survival Belt is to provide you with the bear (pun not intended) minimum survival gear when caught in a sticky situation. You have the fishing gear for food, matches for fire and even a mirror to signal for help. However, with a little organizing skills, you can probably make better use of the waterproof and zippered compartment to store a much better set of survival gear like a miniature firesteel or water purification tablet.

The belt itself looks good although the waterproof compartment itself does look a little flashy. However, it is not really noticeable as the buckle is mostly black. The buckle uses a friction system so it should fit everyone without the need for customizing the belt length or adding new buckle holes.

Also, instead of for survival in the wild, the Bear Grylls Survival Belt can be adapted for survival in the urban jungle. You can replace the fishing gear with urban survival gear like electrical tape, bandaids, bicycle tubing and even aspirin. Overall, this is a fairly good product from Gerber. It does what it claims to do and is fairly inexpensive. The only complaint we might have is the very loud, white on black Gerber logo on the belt itself. Not everyone may want to be a walking billboard for Gerber.

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