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If you are a serious swimmer, wearing ear protection is a must. Even if you are not a frequent swimmer you should consider them as they help prevent ear infection. Other reasons swimmers use ear protection is that some have problems with getting water out of the ears while others find the feeling of water constantly filling and draining from their ear canals very irritating. The most common type of ear protection used by swimmers are the soft, spongy, silicone ear plugs. These work well in keeping the water out but they also tend to block your hearing. The Finis SwimEars on the other hand, keep water out of your ears without interfering with your hearing.

What makes the Finis SwimEars earplugs so revolutionary is the acoustic mesh. The mesh is the result of over a thousand hours spent on design, development and prototyping. They are designed by EarLabs AB in Sweden with support from Danish open-water swimmer, Hans Henrik H. Heming.

Our ears come in all kinds of shape and size. To get the best fit, the Finis SwimEars come with 3 different earbud sizes and also 3 different stabilization wings. The earbuds are the part of the earplug that goes into your ear canal while the stabilization wings are a pair of flexible plastic tips that prop against your earlobes to help the SwimEars stay in place as you swim.

The acoustic mesh is designed to let in as much sound as possible while keeping out water, cold air, dirt and bacteria. It works while both underwater and out of the water. Your hearing is not as good as not wearing the Finis SwimEars of course but you can hear much better compared to wearing silicone ear plugs.

Being able to hear better while swimming underwater means that you will be able to hear instructions from your swimming coach. It also means improved safety because you will also be able to hear other swimmers and even warnings from the lifeguard. The Finis SwimEars also provides a huge advantage to water team sports like water polo where being able to hear instructions from your teammates is critical.
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