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The brand Zippo is synonymous with lighters. But did you know that Zippo produces its own range of outdoor equipment including the rather interesting Zippo AxeSaw? Is it an ax or a saw? Well, it is both. Actually it hammers as well but we guess HammerAxeSaw doesn’t roll off the tongue as well. We love our multitools on GetdatGadget. Not only is it cool to have a single tool do the task of many, carrying a single tool is preferable as well.

As an ax, the Zippo AxeSaw has a 5″ full tang 420 stainless steel axe head. It feels great in the hand and has a nice balance as well. It has a durable polymer handle which helps in shock resistance. Interestingly, the handle also doubles up as a storage compartment for the 15″ hardened stainless steel saw blades.

The AxeSaw comes with a single saw blade included but there is space for 2 saws in the handle. On the reverse side of the ax head is a flat mallet head. It is ideal for pounding tent stakes into hard ground.

Converting the Zippo AxeSaw from an ax to a saw takes a little more work. There is a thumbscrew on the plastic safety sheath that needs to be loosen. One end of the saw blade attaches to the thumbscrew. The other end goes into the end of the handle. A cam lever adds tension to the saw. It is a pretty good design and the saw works relatively well. It saws through branches and sticks up to 4″ in diameter with relative ease.

The other use of the Zippo AxeSaw is to use the ax head for creating tinder by shaving bits of wood. So there you have it. A complete tool for starting a fire in the wild. The AxeSaw works well enough under most circumstances thus allowing you to replace at least 2 to 3 tools with just one.
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