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How would you like to sleep under the stars with nothing between you and the night sky? Sounds like a wonderful idea until reality sets in. You might get drenched by rain. The bugs might get a little more friendly with you than you might like. Or the night might be too chilly to spend right out in the open. For an unusual and totally unique experience under the stars without worrying about these problems, you may want to spend the night in the Inflatable Clear Bubble Tent.

With the Inflatable Clear Bubble Tent, there is absolutely nothing between you and the stars except for a clear sheet of plastic. This huge spherical tent that can fit 3 to 4 occupants is made from clear plastic. The whole structure keeps its shape with the help of an electric fan that keeps the inside of the tent slightly pressurized. An airlock at the entrance of the tent helps to maintain the pressure inside.

Besides the romantic experience of sleeping under the stars, the Inflatable Clear Bubble Tent provides spectacular views of sunsets and sunrises right from the comfort of your bed. This is a unique experience that no camper van or ordinary tent can offer. Also think of all the other possibilities. Setting this tent up at the beach right next to the waves. Or spend a winter night with the snow slowly falling down all around you. And it is not just for camping. Imagine using this as a wedding party tent.

The bubble tent also has sound proofing that keeps out most sounds but because of its shape, inside sounds gets magnified. So you might have to remember to whisper when you are inside the tent. All that whispering does add to the romantic mood and intimacy though.

If you are the modest type and worry about the lack of privacy, the Inflatable Clear Bubble Tent is also available with an opaque lower half but leaving the upper dome clear.

*Photos courtesy of Pierre-Stéphane Dumas’ design, BubbleTree,
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