The Floating First Class Lounge


Experience the luxury and the premium comfort of a first class lounge in the … pool? What better way to escape from the heat wave of summer and get yourself a nice tan while relaxing in the comfort of a pool lounge that is modeled after the first class airline seat.

The Wow Sports First Class Lounge is really the ultimate in pool lounge luxury. Enjoy the comforts of high backrest with cockpit style seat, 2 comfy armrests with cup holders that also house zippered beverage coolers/storage compartments, a water vent to keep your high class posterior cooled, floating flip footrest and a headrest for optimal support.

With the huge storage compartments, you can have everything with you. You may never have to get off the First Class Lounge for the rest of summer. Enjoy while you still can as folks keep telling me that Winter is Coming.



Where to Buy Wow Sports First Class Lounge


Wow Sports First Class Lounge

The First Class Lounge is a high backrest flip lounge which has two lockers for beverages or gear. Keep the seat up to stay dry or flip it down to kick your legs up and get a little wet.

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