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Paper towels are great and we absolutely love them. They are convenient to use and great for quickly cleaning up a mess. However, each time we use them, we have a nagging feeling in our head as we all know single use towels are bad for the environment. To make it worse, have you realized how quickly you go through a whole roll and how many rolls you use in a month? Is there another way? Instead of throwing away the paper towel after each use, why not use Bambooee paper towels that are machine washable and can be reused over and over again up to 100 times!

Yes, you read that right. Bambooee paper towels are reusable paper towels. They look, feel and work just like ordinary paper towels but after use, you can hand wash or even machine wash them, let them dry out and reuse them. In fact, they are actually more durable and more absorbent than ordinary paper towels.

Well, what is the difference between using Bambooee and regular rags then, you may ask. Cloth rags are hard to keep clean and tend to smell rancid after awhile. Bambooee paper towels do not and they are much easier to clean compared to cloth. They also do not leave lint, thinner and therefore easier to store. And if you had to clean something really gross using Bambooee, you can just throw it out like regular paper towel instead of worrying about cleaning it.

Bambooee is made from organic bamboo based rayon. The bamboo used is harvested from sustainable sources. Bamboo is one the fastest growing plants we know of. At the bamboo forest that are used to produced Bambooee, harvested bamboo continues to grow and yields the same amount of bamboo annually. If that is not enough for you tree huggers, with every roll of Bambooee sold, a tree is replanted.

A reusable paper towel may not be ideal for every situation. Sometimes there are messes that you rather not clean the towel and just get rid off. It will be very expensive to use a Bambooee towel in such situations especially if the towel is new or quite new.

A roll of Bambooee towel comes with just 30 sheets. They do cost more per sheet but if each sheet is used multiple times and then washed 100 times, then that one roll is equivalent to about 429 rolls of standard paper towel rolls. 429 rolls of paper towel cost about $500. That is also a lot of trees you are saving especially for you paper towel lovers out there.
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