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The wonders of technology has brought about devices that are getting ever smaller, thinner and lighter. We are constantly exposed to tiny devices that barely a few years ago are much larger and heavier. Even then, we were quite amazed at the WonderCube, a multi-functional device for your phone that is packed inside a 1 cubic inch form factor.

While our smartphone has become an amazing wonder device that does about a million functions, you may not have noticed that we are all carrying around with us a number of accessories to keep our smartphones running. These include charging and sync cables, portable power banks and even phone stands. Why carry multiple accessories when you only need to carry one?

With the WonderCube you no longer have to carry tangled cables or multiple accessories on the go. This cube is so small it can sit on your fingertip. While it may be small but it is definitely big on functionality. It features a foldout flexible USB cable that can be extended to 3-inches. When folded, it only measures just one cubic inch but is completely covered without exposed contacts making it water resistant.

Is your phone nearly drained and needs charging? Trust the WonderCube to save your day and give your phone the additional juice it needs. Just whip out your WonderCube and you can charge your phone from any USB port. No USB port available? Just slap on a standard 9V battery to the WonderCube and it works like a power bank.

The WonderCube also functions as a USB OTG cable letting you connect to USB storage devices such as a USB flash drive or even a HDD. Need to quickly view your photos stored on a micro SD card? No problem, just insert the memory card into the WonderCube.

As a data or sync cable, the WonderCube allows you to easily transfer photos and files from your computer. Likewise, it is also a great tool for syncing photos, files, music, or videos even without a wireless connection. It also comes with an LED mini torch so you don’t have ever have to grope in the dark. Last but not least, the wonder device is also effective as a phone or tablet stand so you can comfortably view pictures or watch videos. It is available for both iOS and Android devices.

The WonderCube has already met its funding goals on Indiegogo. If you want to be among the first to own one, head on over to the WonderCube website now.

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