It has been a long time since I last used a screen protector for my phone. Most of the high end phones today use some form of scratch resistant glass like Corning’s Gorilla Glass. These high tech glass are extremely resistant to scratches. There are times that I carried my keys in the same pocket as my phone and yet there is nary a scratch on the glass surface. So why are we featuring a screen protector here on GetdatGadget? The Rhino Shield Impact Resistant Screen Protector is much more than just a normal screen protector.

The Rhino Shield Impact Resistant Screen Protector has a unique shock-damping layer that helps absorb impacts. It is hard to imagine how a piece of plastic that is only 0.01 inches thick is able to give any amount of protection to a piece of glass. You just have to watch the YouTube video below from Evolutive Labs, the inventors of Rhino Shield.

Besides the impact absorption layer, the Rhino Shield Impact Resistant Screen Protector also has a scratch resistant layer and an oleophobic coating to reduce fingerprint smudging.

Rhino Shield is available for a variety of devices including the iPhone 5/5c/5s and the Samsung Galaxy S4.

Rhino Shield started out as a Kickstarter project where it successfully raised £74,000.


Where to Buy Rhino Shield Impact Resistant Screen Protector


Rhino Shield Impact Resistant Screen Protector

Designed using a series of shock-absorption layers by evolutive labs, Rhinoshield High Impact-Resistant Screen Protector utilizes a custom formulated polymer that offers superior impact resistance and excellent transparency.

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