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Polaroid photos used to be the rage in its heydays. Digital cameras has more or less killed off not just Polaroid photos and printing of photos in general. However, not everyone has jumped on the digital revolution. There are still times when a photo print out is preferable especially if for the older folks. Now, with the LG Pocket Photo Mini Mobile Printer, Grandma and Grandpa too can enjoy instant gratification after a photo has been taken.

The LG Pocket Photo Mini Mobile Printer measures just  72 x 120 x 24 mm and weighs just 215 g. It may not fit well in a pants pocket but it is rather portable. When paired with a smart phone via Bluetooth, you have an equivalent to a modern age digital Polaroid camera. Pairing is easy as the printer has NFC. You can also use NFC to easily identify which photos you want printed. Just browse for the photo on the phone and then tap the phone on the printer to send it for printing.

The LG Pocket Photo Mini Mobile Printer uses special ZINK photo paper that measures 3 x 2 in. The paper has special color embedded ink that is activated by heat by the printer. The printer does not require any ink cartridges but the paper do cost quite a bit more than normal photo paper.


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LG Pocket Photo Mini Mobile Printer

The LG Pocket Photo is a portable printer that allows you to print pictures from your smartphone and digital camera wherever and whenever you want.

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