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Cone Cable Reimagines the Lightning Charging Cable

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Sometimes we just love how an ordinary object or device that we all take for granted is completely reimagined into something new and exciting. Case in point is how the new Cone Cable from Native Union gives a new twist to the Apple Lightning cable.

Native Union is of course no newcomer when it comes to imaginative designs. For the Cone Cable, they partnered with British design innovator Tom Dixon. Housed within a polished aluminum cone is a stainless steel encased Lightning cable.

This not only makes the design unique and look nothing like a charging cable but it also makes the cable nearly indestructible. Native Union backs up the durability of the cable with a Lifetime Limited Warranty.

Unscrew the cone’s end cap and it doubles up as a magnifying glass. Not sure if that is really that useful but definitely pretty cool.
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Sleek portable charging. Cone Cable cleverly houses a compact USB-A to Lightning stainless steel charging cable within an aluminum cone.

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