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As the resolution on computer monitors got higher, that meant that graphics and video got sharper. It also meant that we can see things clearer and we can see more at the same time on screen. This is a great boon to gamers as a higher resolution gives them an advantage over those on a lower resolution (assuming that the rest of their rig can keep up with the demands of a higher resolution). Even more importantly, higher resolution monitors also meant higher productivity for work as well. You can now see more of your spreadsheet without excessive scrolling for example.

Another way to get more out of your computer display is simply just to add an additional monitor. You now get double the resolution and double the screen estate. Using the same reasoning, you can add yet another monitor for a 3-monitor display. Considering the limitations of human vision, the 3-monitor setup is considered ideal by most. At the normal viewing distance for a computer monitor, the 3-monitor setup fills up your vision nicely. However, getting your monitors in the perfect positions can be a bit tricky and this is where the LOCTEK 3-LCD Monitor Stand comes in handy.

The LOCTEK 3-LCD Monitor Stand is designed for mounting 3 monitors with sizes ranging from 10 inches right up to 30 inches. For an optimum setup especially for gaming, you should go for 3 monitors of the same size but you can mix and match if you want to. For work, it is probably not as important to have identical sizes. What we really liked about the stand is that it takes up minimal footprint space on the desktop. It only has a single leg which is also why it makes sense to use similar size monitors or otherwise you will need to make sure the weight of the monitors balance out. Its hinged mounting arm system allows for a lot of flexibility for adjusting the distances between the monitors to keep the gaps to a minimum.

Another nice feature is that the stand allows for adjustment of the inclination angle. That means you can adjust for the left and right monitors to angle towards you for a “curved” display. You can tilt the displays forwards and backwards. You also can choose to mount the monitors in portrait or landscape orientation. Last but not least, the stand comes with a cable management system that keep the mess of HDMI and power wires nicely hidden and out of sight.

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