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We loved the Matador Droplet, a dry bag that fits into a tiny pouch that fits on the palm of your hand. It is great for an outdoor trip as it is water resistant and is perfect for keeping your items dry as well as storing your wet items and keep everything else dry. We suppose you can also use it for other purpose like as a shopping bag if you want but we have a better suggestion, this stylish and cool looking Portable Retractable Tote Bag.

The Portable Retractable Tote Bag comes in a transparent disk shaped storage container made from high strength transparent ABS plastic. The bag itself is made from ultra thin and light high-density nylon that is super strong. This is important as you don’t want the bag to spring a leak or burst open and have your shopping contents spilled out everywhere for others to gawk at. Another plus point is that you can use this as a cross body bag thus keeping your hands free even when lugging around your stuff.

To use the bag, just pull at the bit that is sticking out of the plastic disk. Considering how small it started out, it is quite amazing that the Portable Retractable Tote Bag is actually quite big with 5L storage. When you have extracted the bag, you can tuck away the case into a mesh storage pocket so that it doesn’t get in the way. There are other competing products that seem to magically produce a large bag out of thin air but most are notoriously difficult to squeeze the bag back into its storage compartment.

With the Portable Retractable Tote Bag, all you have to do is hold the disk at the center of the container in between your fingers and then rotate the container using the finger holes to roll the bag back into the container and into its original neat little package. At the end of the bag there is a carabiner that you can use to easily attach the bag to just about anywhere for maximum versatility.

The Portable Retractable Tote Bag may not be the smallest portable tote bag out there and neither is it the largest but it has a really simple to use mechanism to unroll and reroll the bag itself. Plus the disk case is pretty cool as well.

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