In this age of cloud storage, we still find that the humble flash drive still has its uses. There are times when it is just way more convenient to quickly pop in a flash drive and quickly copy a file over. There are also times when an internet connection is not available or the files to be transferred are just too big or our connection is too slow. However, the biggest problem we have with a flash drive is that we are always misplacing them or there isn’t one when we really need one. Therefore, we agree that merging a watch with flash drive is a pretty cool idea.

The USB Watch with Flash Drive not only adds USB flash storage but it cleverly incorporates the USB connector as part of the watch strap securing mechanism. The watch itself has a simple digital watch face but besides telling time and date, it also has an indicator on the remaining flash drive storage space. It comes with 8 GB of storage.

With a USB flash drive that also doubles up as a flash drive, you are more likely to have a flash drive with you when you need one.


Where to Buy USB Watch with Flash Drive


USB Watch with Flash Drive

The Plugable USB Watch and Flash Drive integrates a hidden flash drive in the band, so all your important files are right on your wrist.

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