Do you have a favorite set of wired speakers or a pair of wired headphones that you really love that you wish were wireless? Instead of replacing them with expensive wireless Bluetooth versions, why not turn them wireless with the cheap and convenient ClipR Bluetooth NFC Adapter?

The ClipR Bluetooth NFC Adapter works with just any speakers or headphones that has a 3.5 mm audio connection. Just plug the 3.5 mm cable to the ClipR and pair it to your Bluetooth smartphone, tablet or music player and you can enjoy music wirelessly. If your mobile device supports NFC, you can do the Bluetooth pairing by just tapping your device to the ClipR and the pairing is done automatically. How is that for convenience and ease of use?

The ClipR Bluetooth NFC Adapter is only 1.6 inches in diameter so it adds almost no bulk making it ideal for pairing it to your favorite pair of running earphones. It has a built-in clip to easily fasten it to your clothes. It is splash-proof and the battery lasts up to 10 hours on a full charge.

Last but not least, the ClipR supports making calls on your phone. It has a built-in noise cancellation microphone so you don’t have to miss any calls while listening to music.



Where to Buy ClipR Bluetooth NFC Adapter


ClipR Bluetooth NFC Adapter

ClipR is fully a NFC enabled and Bluetooth 4.0 receiver meant for your home stereo, headphones, car, speaker, you name it if it has a 3.5 mm jack.

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