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The camera on our smartphones has improved by leaps and bounds in a few short years. In many situations, the camera on the latest smartphones can produce images that can easily rival those produced by a DSLR camera. However, the DSLR still has many advantages over a smartphone and one of them is the ability to change or swap the camera lenses. Add-on lenses for phones are not new but like the smartphone camera quality, they too have been improving. Recently, Ztylus released the new Ztylus Switch 6 accessory for the iPhone 7 Plus which not only adds 3 sets of dual lenses for the iPhone’s dual camera lenses but packs everything in a compact phone case.

Ztylus is a brand that is well known for their range of phone camera accessories. We took a look at the Zylus Camera Kit not too long ago. While that kit is a very well designed accessory that added a very impressive range of options to a serious photographer, they also added a lot of bulk and weight. The kit is not something that you would bring along with you all the time.

The Ztylus Switch 6 on the other hand is a very compact solution. It comes with 6 lenses that are arranged in 3 pairs and positioned to fit over the iPhone 7 Plus’ dual camera lenses. To use the add-on lenses, all you have to do is slide the pair of lenses that you want over the phone’s lenses.

The lens pairs include a 180-degree fisheye and 2x telephoto; 10x macro and 20x super macro; 120-degree wide angle and 2x telephoto. Paired together with the iPhone’s normal and telephoto lenses, this gives you a lot of versatility in the kind of shots that you can take. When you want to use the phone’s integrated camera, just slide down the lenses. The phone case itself is well constructed and provides adequate protection for the phone but adds very little additional bulk.

We liked the fact that all the lenses can be accessed by just sliding the pair that you want into place. There is no switching or flipping the lenses around like other add-on lenses. This also means that you don’t have to worry about losing them or figuring out where to store them when you are not using them. Best of all, you don’t have to consciously decide if you want to bring along your lenses. They are always there when you need them as they are a part of the phone case.
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