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Pelican 3310ELS Emergency Lighting Station

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You never know when you get caught in a power outage. Bad weather, natural disaster or just plain bad luck can leave you without power and groping in the dark. The Pelican 3310ELS or Emergency Lighting Station makes sure you won’t get caught in this situation.

The Pelican 3310ELS emergency flashlight is a durable LED flashlight that can provide emergency lighting up to 190 hours. It has 3 different lighting modes – high, low and signaling. On high, it provides a bright 378 lumens of illumination. On low, it drops down to 39 lumens. Maybe not bright enough to see where you are going but enough to illuminate your immediate surroundings.

The Pelican flashlight comes in a clear tamper-proof plastic case that you can mount on a wall with the included hardware. The body of the flashlight itself is made from glow-in-the-dark material. This makes it easier to locate in the dark.

This makes the Pelican 3310ELS an ideal emergency flashlight in any home, office or factory.
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The Pelican 3310ELS emergency lighting station is wall-mountable housing and flashlight combination that.ensures dependable light is always be within reach.

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