The Rollerblade Spitfire Alu adjustable inline skates are inline skates that are meant for children. If you have kids who want to learn inline skating, a pair of adjustable inline skates is a great idea that will save you a lot of money in the long run. Kids’ feet grow real fast and if you buy them non-adjustable skates, they will get outgrown in 6 months to a year. However, the Rollerblade Spitfire Alu Adjustable Inline Skates adjust in size with just a simple push of a button.

The Spitfire Alu adjustable inline skates come in 2 different sizes. The smaller version caters for feet sizes 2 to 5 (21 – 23 cm) and the bigger version is for sizes 5 – 8 (23 – 26 cm).  This means that the skates will last for at least a couple of years if you happen to start off at the lower end of the scale.

The second feature that makes the Rollerblade Spitfire Alu adjustable inline skates stand out from the other kids adjustable skates is that Rollerblade has incorporated features that are usually found in higher range adult skates.

The wheel frame is made from aluminum which provides superior support and stability. Normal kids skates are usually made from composite plastic material that are inferior and do not last as long.  The wheels on the Spitfire Alu are 76 mm/80A with SG5 bearings. These are slightly larger than the usual 70 or 72mm wheels on basic models. The high quality SG5 bearings provides higher speeds and better maneuverability.

The lace lock system allows the skater to easily tighten the laces quickly to give the best possible support and comfort.

The Rollerblade Spitfire Alu adjustable inline skates is the closest thing to a professional level skate for kids but with adjustable sizing. They do cost a little more than usual kids skates but you do get professional quality without sacrificing the flexibility of having the skates grow together with your child.


Where to Buy Rollerblade Spitfire Alu Adjustable Inline Skates


Rollerblade Spitfire Alu Adjustable Inline Skates

The BEST kids skate available. Easy to use 4 sizes adjustment insures many years of use. Fantastic support makes skating easy and comfortable. True wrap junior specific liner for a secure fit. Ideal of indoor and outdoor skating.

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