Why would anyone want to use a bicycle speaker instead of using a pair of headphones when listening to music while cycling? It is much safer to be able to listen to the sounds around you. You put your safety at risk when loud music causes you to be oblivious to warning sounds such as the honk from a car. Therefore, for your own safety, invest in a bicycle speaker instead.

The Ivation Multi-Function Bicycle Speaker certainly fits the bill where letting you listen to music safely while cycling is concern. While the speaker features clear sound with a built-in amplifier to boost audio from your music player, it is much than just a speaker for your bike. First of all, it has a water resistant pouch that keeps your smartphone or MP3 player dry while it is connected to the speaker. Connection is via a 3.5 mm audio jack. The Ivation speaker can also play directly from any USB flash drive. When playing from a USB flash drive, you can control music playback, skip or reverse tracks from the built-in external controls on the top of the speaker. If you are using the Aux input, you can only control the volume from the controls.

The Ivation Multi-Function Bicycle Speaker has a built-in 1000 mAh rechargeable battery that can keep the speaker playing for up to 15 hours. You can use the same battery to give your smartphone or music player an emergency boost if necessary. The included Velcro straps allows the speaker to be securely strapped to the handle bar of your bike. While the speaker is designed for use on a bike, you can of course use it in a car, bus or even strap it to your belt while jogging.



Where to Buy Ivation Multi-Function Bicycle Speaker


Ivation Multi-Function Bicycle Speaker

The Ivation Multi-Function Bicycle Speaker not only provides music while biking but it also protects your phone and charges it at the same time.

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