Especially when your smartphone has the capacity to be loaded up with apps, use this to your advantage. That way, your mobile phone can now become your ultimate all-in-one gadget for everything you need to do, from productivity to communication and even as your source of entertainment. Your smartphone is akin to a gateway to mobile entertainment.

There are so many ways that you can use your new smartphone, such as a TCL 10 Pro UK, to have fun during your idle time. But you might find it challenging to pick the right apps to download and install. There are also so many apps for you to choose from, depending on your definition of what fun is.

Here are seven recommended apps you can try to help you enjoy your new mobile phone:


Reddit is now one of the Internet’s go-to places to talk about relatively anything under the sun. Here, you can talk about anything from cartoons to lawnmowers. You can spend countless hours reading hilarious comments, viewing memes, or reading wonderful poetries in this online forum. Take note that 49 percent of people open an app more than 10 times a day. So, you might find yourself catching up on Reddit posts until 3 am.

However, you might not be a fan of Reddit’s default layout. While its simplicity can attract specific individuals, you might want more out of your Reddit experience.

Herein lies the purpose of Apollo. This iOS app features a user-friendly interface that pays homage to the default layout of Apple’s mobile environment. It also makes use of customizable gestures and fast-loading pages to help bring a powerful Reddit experience to Redditors everywhere.

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TikTok is all over the Internet today. It’s taken the world by storm as one of the most fun apps to keep yourself entertained. From teenagers to older adults, everyone has fun on this mobile app. Even if you don’t have the dancing or acting skills as others do, you can still enjoy TikTok by watching the entertainment coming from everyone else confident with their TikTok skills.

Surely, you can enjoy a good laugh during your idle time.


Many people consider 9GAG as their home base for the spiciest memes on the Internet. The website was a haven for funny pictures and videos. You might also find yourself laughing out loud at the comments section for each post.

Now, if you want to get your daily dose of memes, you don’t need to access this website directly. This site now has a proprietary app, so you can scroll for hours until your eyes tear up from laughter. You can even use 9GAG as your source of jokes for that picker-upper you’ll need in the middle of a stressful day.

9GAG’s popularity may seem to grow each day. Scrolling down the collection of funny images and videos might seem like an endless feat. Scroll back up, and you’ll find yourself discovering new content.

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Dad Jokes is a very fun app to download by Android users. As its name suggests, it’s the ultimate source of dad jokes. This refers to the humor of dads, which includes cheesy and corny jokes, with puns that only dads or men in general can understand. If you’re having a dad’s night out pretty soon, have this app handy! Share these jokes with a glass of beer and you and your buds are sure to have a good, corny laugh.


Spotify allows you to listen to thousands, if not millions, of audio files available online. Here, you can find content like music from celebrities and indie artists. There’s also a broad collection of podcasts and radios so you can listen to talk shows while you’re on-the-go.

At the time of writing, Spotify has 180 million monthly active users, which might not be a surprise considering the immense popularity of this music stream app.

You can start listening to audio from this mobile app for free. But, it’ll come with ads that appear every one or two songs. There’s also a premium option that allows you to unlock other features, like:

  • Shuffle tracks
  • Download audio for offline listening
  • Ad-free listening experience
  • Unlimited skips

Many people also find Spotify’s premium packages to be relatively budget-friendly. You can start the ad-free music-listening service for about $10 per month.

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You might find BuzzFeed to be a similar Internet experience to 9GAG. While the latter presents you with entertaining content, the former can give you lists of different pieces of information.

Here, you can find YouTube videos, political satires, updates on the lives of celebrities, and more. If you think the content is all over the place, you can choose a specific section of the app. So, you can customize your personal BuzzFeed experience to your liking.

The app also has a bookmarking feature that allows you to save a piece of content for later viewing. It may look like a simple function, but it adds to the quality of a user’s experience when using this mobile entertainment portal.

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Technology seems to give people modern innovations each day. Now, you can see many app-connected gadgets on the market. One device to note is Perfect Drink, which is an ideal tool to help you make the perfect cocktail.

This weighing scale for drinks allows you to measure the right amount of ingredients with the help of a mobile app. It’s an app for bartenders that help you become the life of the party.

With the Perfect Drink app, you can:

  • Create and store recipes
  • Browse through hundreds of cocktail recipes
  • Check serving sizes


The mobile world lets you pick from a broad range of fun apps to download for your new smartphone. That way, you can use your mobile phone to its maximum, not just for functionality but also to keep yourself entertained. These selections aren’t the only apps you can try to give you the entertainment you want. If you’re going to share the fun with your children, you might also want to download streaming apps for kids. This list is only the beginning, but it’s a good start of options to choose from. Go ahead and start downloading.