The Most C0mprehensive and Versatile Keychain Tool


We have featured quite a few keychain sized Everyday Carry (EDC) tools on GetdatGadget. Most of these keychain multi-tools feature simple but useful tools like bottle openers, screw drivers and pocket knives. However, the Swiss+Tech Micro-Max 19-in-1 Pocket Tool takes the ultra-portable EDC to a whole new different ballgame altogether.

First of all, it packs in an amazing 19 different tools into a tool that measures just 1.9 x 1.3 x 0.2 inches when folded. Secondly, these are not frivolous tools like a fruit peeler and letter opener. The Swiss+Tech Micro-Max 19-in-1 Tool comes with the following tools:

  • 1/4 Inch Hex Wrench
  • 7/16 Inch Hex Wrench
  • #0 Flat Screwdriver
  • #1 Flat Screwdriver
  • #2 Flat Screwdriver
  • #0 Phillips Screwdriver
  • #1 Phillips Screwdriver
  • #2 Phillips Screwdriver
  • Pliers
  • Wire Cutter
  • Wire Stripper
  • Wire Crimper
  • Nail File
  • Hand Drill
  • Bottle Opener
  • Inches Ruler
  • Inches Ruler Extension
  • mm Ruler
  • mm Ruler Extension

It may be stretching it a bit by calling the 2 ruler scales plus their extensions as 4 different tools but even if you group them as a single tool, you are still looking at a very impressive and useful 16-tool EDC that fits on a keychain. Tighten, loosen, wire, drill, file, open and measure with ease.



Where to Buy Swiss+Tech Micro-Max 19-in-1 Pocket Tool


Swiss+Tech Micro-Max 19-in-1 Pocket Tool

The Swiss+Tech Micro-Max 19-in-1 Pocket Tool has so many uses, you won’t know which one to use first! So handy and compact, yet durable and attractive.

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