While most of us recognize the benefits of a home security system, not all of us can afford to install one. Besides the initial set up cost, there is also the monthly fees to consider. The iSmartAlarm takes advantage of the technology that is present in our smart phones and home wireless networks to come up with an affordable home security system that has no contract or monthly fees.

The iSmartAlarm home security system is a modular system that allows you to expand as your needs require. The Preferred Package that costs less than $200 is the basic starter package that comes with:

  • 1 CubeOne Hub
  • 2 Window/Door Sensors
  • 1 Motion Sensor
  • 2 Remote Tags
  • 2 Sensor Stickers

All the sensors are DIY and can be easily installed without any wiring or professional installation. The basic package has enough sensors for a small sized apartment. You can always add more sensors if you require more. Additional sensors go for about $25 to $50 each.

The CubeOne Hub acts as the brains behind the entire system. It also communicates with your iPhone allowing you to see alerts, monitor or control the iSmartAlarm system from anywhere and at anytime. The remote tags are for you to easily arm and disarm the alarm system.

A Premium Package that throws in a pan-and-tilt camera is also available. The camera will allow you to see and record any intrusion into your home.

The iSmartAlarm currently only works with iOS devices but Android supported is expected to be added soon.



Where to Buy iSmartAlarm Home Security System


iSmartAlarm Home Security System

The iSmartAlarm Home Security System is a DIY, self-monitored, self-controlled home security system, no monthly fees, no contracts required.

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