The Minimalist Watch


We at GetdatGadget are advocates of the minimalist trend. The world is getting too complex and complicated. Technology should make life simpler and not the other way around. But sometimes, being too simple can ironically make things more complicated. Take this minimalist The One watch from Komono.

One way to make things simpler is by removing elements that we do not really need. While no one likes a tardy person, the presence or absence of a second hand on a watch is not going to make much of a difference. If you want to simplify a watch, you can get rid of the second hand. Now, what if you go one step further and remove the minute hand? If you do that, you get The One Komono Watch.

The One Komono Watch is the minimalist watch for the person who believes that punctuality is an overrated virtue. If you are the type of person who tells someone that you are “on the way” when you are only getting out of the shower, The One Komono Watch is built just for you.

The only way to tell the time on the watch is by estimating the minutes past the current hour by looking at the position of the hour hand. To help you out, Komono has thoughtfully provided major subdivision between the hours for every 15 minutes and a minor subdivision between the quarter hour for every 5 minutes. Technically, you should be able to tell the time within 5 minutes of accuracy. However, if you are mathematically challenged, there may be a long period of awkward silence whenever someone asks you for the time as you stare uncomfortably at your watch.



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The One Komono Watch

The One Komono Watch is the minimalist watch that strips out the minute and second hands. For those who believe that punctuality is an overrated virtue.

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