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Stuffed Waffle Iron with Toppings on the Inside

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You know what will make waffles with your favorite topping better? Stuff the waffle topping inside the waffle so that you can eat it like finger food. The kitchen gadget that makes this possible is the Stuffed Waffle Iron from Wonderffle.

The stuffed waffles made using the Stuffed Waffle Iron look like standard waffles except that they are much thicker. And you are not limited to the usual toppings like fruit or jam. Let your imagination go wild. How about making a burger waffle? Or a ham and egg waffle? Or a BLT waffle?

Making a waffle using the waffle iron is not much different from making a normal one. The big difference is that it takes longer to make one as it takes time for the batter to cook through because of its thickness. Remember that slow and low heat is the way to go. The stuffed waffles are rather huge and are quite filling.
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Where to Buy Stuffed Waffle Iron

The Stuffed Waffle Iron cooks 5-inch round, 2-inch thick Belgian-style waffles with your favorite foods inside of them to create mess-free finger food.

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