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The usual outdoor grill party goes something like this. One guy does all the cooking while the rest mingle around while waiting for the food to be ready. Unless you are a loner and really love grilling, we would hate to be the guy doing all the cooking. The Arteflame Grill changes the experience for the cook as well as the guests and takes social interaction to the next level.

The Arteflame Grill has a grill surface shaped in a ring. This allows a small group to stand around the grill. Now, everyone gets to gather around the grill and interact with the cook. With this social friendly design, everyone can take part in the cooking if they want.

The cooking surface on the Arteflame Grill is made from 1/2″ carbon steel. The surface is large enough to grill up to 40 steaks or burgers at the same time. You can control the cooking temperature by moving food either closer or further from the center. The temperature gets hotter as it gets closer to the center of the ring.

This grill is designed for the outdoors and for easy maintenance. You can just leave it outdoors as it is weather proof. It is virtually maintenance free and can last a lifetime. All food residue can just be scraped into the fire. For clean up after using, just give the cook top surface a wipe down with a damp cloth. Over time, the cook top discolors due to the oil but becomes protected from rust.

When not in use as a grill, it can also be converted into a fire bowl fire pit.
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