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HiBed: Smart Bed of the Future has Arrived

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IoT or the Internet of Things has made it possible for all kinds of devices to be smart and be connected to the internet. Since we spend about a third of our lives sleeping on our beds, it is surprising that we haven’t seen a smart bed yet. High tech furniture maker Hi-Interiors has finally filled this gap with their futuristic HiBed smart bed. And what a bed it is.

The HiBed is designed as a smart personal cocoon that not only entertains you but improves your well being. It monitors both your sleep and your health. On the entertainment front, it has built-in 4K projector paired with a retractable 70 inch screen and hidden speakers. A smart alarm wakes you up with the day’s weather and news.

On the health side of things, it has its own custom app that tracks and records sleep patterns and body weight in addition to monitoring the room temperature, air quality and noise level. Lighting is controlled and used for ambient light, night light or even as a silent alarm.

So how much are you prepared to pay for the HiBed? You better have very deep pockets as the price range is expected to be in the tens of thousands.
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Where to Buy HiBed Smart Bed

Dubbed the HiBed, this smart bed has its own app, which operates the built-in 4k projector, retractable 70-inch screen, and hidden speakers.

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