The Emerson Motion Activated Candy Dispenser is a candy loving kid’s wildest dream come true. All you have to do is wave your hand and sweet magic is dispensed out. Great for your kitchen counter, office desk, home theater and we are pretty sure it would be a big hit at a kids party!

The Motion Activated Candy Dispenser has a pretty large storage container that can store quite a lot of candy or other snacks. It works with all kinds of hand and semi-hard candy and snacks like hard candies, jelly beans and peanuts.

The automatic dispensing system is controlled by a built in touchless infrared sensor. The base of the dispenser also works as a tray to catch any spillages. Each wave of a hand dispenses a nice handful of candy.

The Motion Activated Candy Dispenser is also battery operated so it is portable and be placed anywhere in your home. It runs on 4 AA batteries.


Where to Buy Motion Activated Candy Dispenser


Motion Activated Candy Dispenser

The Emerson Motion Activated Candy Dispenser dispenses candy and other treats into your hand automatically via a built-in sensor.

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