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Miracle-Gro Twelve Indoor Growing System

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The idea of a herb garden that produces fresh herbs all year round sure sounds exciting. However, apartment dwellers don’t have the space for a garden. For the rest of us, our busy schedules just don’t allow time for the care required. Once again, technology has come up with a solution. The Miracle-Gro Twelve is an indoor hydroponic plant growing system that makes a herb garden possible for everyone.

The Miracle-Gro Twelve is designed to look like an accent table. It won’t look out of place if positioned right next to your living room sofa. The bottom half of the table is a water reservoir which has a built-in circulation pump. The top half of the table houses an LED hydroponic grow light. This is a complete system which provides light, water and nutrients to the plants. There is also an option to stack two systems vertically to save space.

There is some assembly required out of the box. However, the instructions are clear and simple. If you get stuck, you can refer to the animated instructions on the included free app. If assembling IKEA furniture is not a problem for you, assembling the Miracle-Gro Twelve won’t be an issue.

The system allows you to grow from either young plants or directly from seed. The app and system will adjust accordingly. Once you start planting, the app and system will control the entire growing process. Since it is a hydroponic system, there is very little care required from you. The app will even let you know when your plants are ready for harvest.
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Fresh food is an arm’s length away, year round with the Miracle-Gro Twelve Indoor Growing System which makes indoor gardening easy.

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