Color blindness or color vision deficiency is an inability to see colors. It afflicts about 8% of the male population and 0.5% of the female population. People with color blindness have difficulty differentiating shades of color, usually red and green. There is still no cure or aid in correcting color blindness. Until now that is. The EnChroma Cx-D Explorer is a pair of special filtered eye glasses that enhances certain colors to help color blindness sufferers to see and differentiate the colors they have difficulty with.

Currently there are special glasses available that enable color blind people to differentiate colors. However, these glasses are simply tinted glasses that help the wearer distinguish some colors but may at the same time make other colors harder to differentiate. They do not help the wearer to see colors as normal people do.

The EnChroma Cx-D Explorer on the other hand enhances the colors that the color blind person has difficulty with. Colors appear brighter and saturated for a normal vision person wearing the glasses. For a color blind person, this color enhancement allows the wearer to see and distinguish colors that he or she would normally have difficulties with. Since the EnChroma Cx-D Explorer does not use a colored or tinted lens, the ability to distinguish other colors is not affected.

The EnChroma Cx-D Explorer is the closest thing yet to allowing those with color blindness to see colors as normal people do. However, the glasses are designed to be worn outdoors as sun shades. The EnChroma Cx-D Explorer requires the extra brightness so that it can work its magic by filtering out part of the light spectrum and enhancing the rest of it. It is still a major breakthrough and we hope that one day, the technology can be enhanced to work under all lighting conditions.

Where to Buy EnChroma Cx-D Explorer

EnChroma Cx-D Explorer

The EnChroma® Cx-D makes colors pop, appearing astonishingly vivid and bright. By improving visibility and depth perception of colored objects, the lenses can help color blind people improve reliability and reaction time to color-coded information and signals such as road signs, safety markings and traffic signals. The Cx-D improves visible detail of colored patterns and textures such as in foliage, rocks & natural objects, fabric, paints, and other materials. Expanding and amplifying the perception of color can be a profound emotional experience for someone with color blindness. Buy from