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Dunky Cup – Made for Cookie Dunkers, and Dippers

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Are you a cookie dipper or a dunker? There are supporters on both sides of the camp. And many an argument have flared up at dining tables over which is better. However, no matter which side you are on and despite its one-sided name, the Dunky Cup should please both dippers and dunkers.

The Dunky Cup is a well made and sturdy mug with three pockets surrounding it, perfect for storing your Oreos. Why 3? We like to think that one is just the start, two is still not enough and three is where you should stop at.

Of course the pockets can be filled with more than just Oreo cookies. They are perfect for vanilla wafers, graham crackers, or even your own freshly baked cookies. The mug can be filled with your dunking (or dipping) beverage of choice from ice cold milk to hot coffee.

The Dunky Cup makes the ideal gift for the young ones and the young at heart. It even comes with 4 Oreo cookies so you can start dunking right away.
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Dunky Cup is a fun new way to dunk cookies in milk. It has 3 pockets for cookies and 1 for milk, making it a fun and tasty idea for adults and kids alike!

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