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As advancement in technology allow for lighter, thinner but at the same time stronger material to be produced, outdoor tents are coming in increasingly smaller packages. Even so, it is hard to imagine something that is only slightly larger than 1L water bottle will be actually of any use for protection against the environment out in the wilderness. We have been impressed previously with Sea to Summit’s small package products like the Pocket Shower and Ultra-Sil Day Pack but that still didn’t prepare us for how small the Specialist Solo Tent gets when packed.

Weighing at just 22 oz in total, this ultralight tent unfurls into a small but still fairly roomy tent that comes with 14.5 sq ft floor area and 3.9 sq ft vestibule area. The Specialist Solo Tent has a nice tensioning system and other features that makes it fairly easy and quick to set up. It has 15D waterproof nylon walls and a 20D nylon outer shell. It is also double stitched and bar tacked at all stress points for strength and endurance.

We are also quite impressed that the floor has a bit of vertical wall before slopping up to top. This may be just a small detail but that additional vertical space results in a lot more livable space inside the tent. No need to worry about how you place your feet when you stretch out inside to sleep.

The attention to detail and features extend further to storage pockets on the inside of the tent, perfect for storing small items. Most ultralight tents leave out storage pockets in order to save space and weight.

What is even more amazing is that there is a bigger version, the Specialist Duo, that fits two persons. It has two separate entrances and when folded up, it takes up slightly more space than the Solo version.
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