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There are many choices available when it comes to extended battery cases for the iPhone 6 and 6s. Most of them even lets you charge up the iPhone and the battery case using a microUSB cable. But when it comes to a extended battery case that allows you to flip out a couple of built-in power prong blades in the case and plug it directly to any power socket, the Prong PWR Case is your only choice.

This is the third version of Prong’s truly innovative extended battery case for the iPhone. The earlier versions were designed for the iPhone 5 and 5s. There are some significant changes between the new iPhone 6 version and the older versions. The biggest change is the design of the new stand alone case that you insert your iPhone 6 into before you insert it into the battery case.

This stand alone case looks like a silicon bumper case but it is actually a full case with a piece of clear plastic covering the back of the case to protect it from scratches. For those who prefer a minimalist case that provides some protection to their iPhone 6 but without covering up its beautiful aesthetics, this case fits the bill. However, we must comment that based on looks alone, there are much better looking bumper cases out there.

Slipping the case encased iPhone in and out of the battery case is easy. This is definitely a huge improvement over the older design which can get a little tricky to insert into the battery case. Secondly, the older design was just a true bumper case without any form of protection for the back of the phone. Last but not least, the old bumper case’s lower portion was narrower than the rest of the case so it looked a bit awkward when used on its on. No such problems with the new design.

The new Prong PWR Case comes with a 2600 mAh rechargeable battery, yet another huge improvement over the 1500 mAh battery in the older version. Fully charged, the battery can fully recharge an iPhone 6 battery about one time. That means that with the Prong case, you double your iPhone’s battery. You can also recharge the battery by using the included microUSB cable with a standard USB port.

It takes about an hour to bring the iPhone 6’s battery from 10% to fully charged. Charging the PWR Case’s battery from fully depleted to fully charged takes about twice as long.

With the new Prong PWR Case, Prong has designed the iPhone 6 to be used independently from the battery base if needed. The separate protection case no longer feels awkward when used without the battery case. With the full case, your iPhone gets much better protection when detached from the battery case. You can safely leave the battery case charging on the wall while still getting adequate protection from falls and scratches.

The other big advantage of this 2-piece design is the fact that the Prong PWR Case does significantly add to the overall thickness of the iPhone even when compared to other extended battery cases with similar battery capacities. This is most likely due to the extra circuitry required to include the built-in plug. By having two separate parts, users can choose to leave the extended battery behind when they don’t need it. Also, they can continue to use their iPhones when the extended battery is being charged.

If you hate cables and the need to constantly remind yourself to charge your phone before you leave the house, the Prong PWR Case for the iPhone 6 and 6s is the ideal solution for you.
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