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Since cooking knives are almost always used with a cutting board, wouldn’t it make sense to store the knives on a cutting board instead of a knife block? The magnetic cutting board works both as a cutting board and as a holding board to display and to store your set of knives.

The magnetic cutting board comes with a fold-out kickstand that places the board in a stand up position. This help dries the board quicker after washing and you don’t have to find a spot to prop it up. The other thing that we like about the magnetic cutting board is that it doesn’t have hard to clean slots like a normal knife block. Who knows what kinds of bacteria and fungi inhabit the damp and dark knife slots? On the other hand, the magnetic wooden block cum stand is easy to clean.

Magnetic Cutting Board

We also like how our knife set gets nicely displayed on the cutting board with its kickstand. The knives that come with the set are made from stainless steel and will not rust. The included knives are a 6” Cleaver Knife, an 8” Bread Knife, an 8” Carving Knife, a 5” Utility Knife and a 3,5” Paring Knife.

Most people pay more for a single knife than this entire 6 pcs set. However, rest assured that the knives are of high quality and are very sharp.
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