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The makers of Best Bottle Ever is pretty bold to not just proclaim their product as the best ever but to actually name their product literally Best Bottle Ever. So does this drinking bottle live up to its name? Read on and find out.

If a drinking bottle is judged by the number of ways that you can drink out of it, the Best Bottle Ever will probably win its best bottle title hands down. Firstly, it has a spout for easy drinking with high flow rate. The spout is positioned off centered so that you swallow less air as no squeezing is required.

The second method is to use the integrated straw. Just use your teeth to pull out or push down the straw. The straw is ideal when you need to keep your eyes in front and when it is not possible to tilt your head back to drink like when you are driving or cycling.

Last but not least, there is built-in pump on the cap that allows you to create a refreshing fine water mist. Not really for drinking but a quick spray of water to the face on a hot day or after an intense workout can quickly cool you down. You can even use the mist feature to do a quick spot of cleaning of the gym equipment or to clean your glasses.

If the above doesn’t convince you that this bottle is deserving of the Best Bottle Ever moniker, perhaps the fact that is double wall vacuum insulated might. It keeps cold beverages chilly for up to 24 hours while your hot coffee remains warm for up to 12 hours. Being vacuum insulated also means that it doesn’t sweat. The bottle itself is made from high quality stainless steel 18-8 304 and has a lifetime guarantee.

This may or may not be the Best Bottle Ever but the makers definitely get top points for trying.
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